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US Mint kids site is designed with the entire family in mind. Here in the family center we wish to offer you a large selection of family safe web sites where adults and children can enjoy the internet in safety. See our Privacy Policy for a description of our policies regarding privacy concerns for all ages. We individually review each site listed on this page and check for not only quality, interest and content, but we have chosen not to provide links that contain multiple annoying "pop up" screens.

Our highest recommendation for a true educational entertainment package is the Smithsonian Institute family of web sites. See the National Zoo and watch the "panda cam" or view their virtual exhibit, it is truly a sight to see.

Our Games, no pop-ups, guaranteed
Checkers Battleship Tic Tac Toe
Flash Games --> Aqua Santa Ski Jump
Reviewed and Accepted Website Links
Traditional Children's games
Games Kids Play
Traditional Kids games from around the world from Topics Magazine
Kids Ark includes traditional games along with other entertaining features
Internet Gaming for Kids & Family
Harry The official Harry Potter Web Site The Lord of the Rings movie Web Site, with desktops, character descriptions and much more The Lord of the Rings game Web Site also has some mp3's
PowerPuff Girls The official PowerPuff Girls Web Site Activities and Games for girls online.
Play Football The NFL site for kids
Alfy Lycos site for arcade games, puzzles and more.
Bob the The official Bob the Builder Web Site
FunBrain Aimed at the K-8 age group
KidsDomain Part of Kaboose network, KidsDomain,Zeeks and Funschool
Free Kids games at Microsoft
Free animated cards at
Kidspace at Education.comNicely done and a lot of fun.
FunIsland Nice variety of games and puzzles
Sunniebunniezz A nice site for younger children Fun site, it is worth the visit
SMTV live Play Wonkey Donkey and Splatoon, or shoot hoops with Col Sanders at this British TV web site.
Kid Safe Browsers & Internet Communities A search engine for kids showing over 20,000 child safe sites listed. Internet games and shopping
Free Coloring books and pages
All coloring sites listed below are free for personal and in some cases, educational use.
Celebrating Wildflowers provides you with both coloring guides and matching coloring pages. offers a recyling theme.'s AlphabetBook lets you create a personalized coloring book. They also offer some nice free simple pages as well.
National Weather Service Weather themes from
National offers a beautiful set of coloring pages.
Nicely done free sites
Hip Pocket Change US Mint kids site with cartoons, games and more This is a very nicely done site for crafts, print your own cards and invitations, and more. Some great birthday ideas.
America Reads Don't let the title fool you. Here you find Spiderman and more Kids games Yes, FEMA, a very entertaining site.
Dept of Agriculture Kids games
Natl Wildlife Federation Kids Page
NASA for kids
McGruff.orgThe Crime dog's web site
Nicky's CyberSpace A family made website of links for kids
Learning Resources Fun, child-safe, animated and still picture children's stories and fairy tales for downloading. Includes free fun pages and parent information pages. Lots of big, bright, colorful illustrations.
A New Way To Treat Your Child's Behavioral Problems... By Having Fun! Visit
Brain games from a faculty member at U Washington
National for Kids
Apple Computers' learning interchange A nice search engine for educators and parents
Wangarrata Elementary Visit an elementary school in Australia
Multnomah, Oregon County Library is a nice source for teachers, school administraters, parents and pto's for school spirit items fundraising ideas and more Find everything Crayola here.
Educate yourself on safe web surfing
Learn how to provide safe surfing at
SafeSurf has been watching the internet longer than most internet companies have been in business. If you are looking for guidelines on what to watch for and how to protect your family, this is a great place to start.
TV Network Websites
PBS Kids
Cartoon Network
Disney Channel
Learning is fun at the Virtual Museums
Smithsonian Virtual Museum
Take a virtual tour of Americas' treasures
Museum of Science and Industry Chicago
Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
Bishop Museum, Hawaii
Dallas Museum of Natural History
ASU Museum of Paleontology
End of the Oregon Trail Museum
Franklin Institute Science Museum online
Library of Congress Virtual Exhibit
UC Berkeley Museum of Paleontology
Monticello, Home of Thomas Jefferson
Independence Visitors Ctr
Art Museums
Natl Gallery of Art Washington, DC
The Metropolitan museum of art NYC
Louvre Paris
Cool Resources
Adler Planetarium, Chicago
NASA's Web site
University of Chicago Astronomy & Astro Physics
Animated and printable US and State flags
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